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Transitioning to Agile in a bank, my story in ING Direct

Once upon a time, ING Direct was looking for IT methodology specialist. I was looking for a job, and given that I knew some stuff about RUP, UML and CMMI I got hired as level 8 employee in a 11 levels organization with more than 1000 employees. Interestingly I also knew some stuff about Agile. This multinational corporation would have never imagined the impact of that hiring…. In this session you’ll hear the amazing story of their three-year-long metamorphosis. outcome Many things happened in ING Direct Spain in this three years that I’m passionate about and I’d love to share with you. From my story you can learn: potential achievements, mistakes, successes, important lessons, key factors, steps forward, steps backwards and much more about this long trail.

Learning to Learn: Leadership For Business Agility

Leadership development for Business Agility on the Leader’s Dance-floor The Leader’s dance-floor is a leadership development framework for Agile leaders to nurture Business Agility and boost learning capabilities. Business agility is creating a learning organization that is every time faster and better at learning about themselves and their customers. This talk is about understanding the

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